Jones & Jones Productions provides marketing, event and entertainment services for various sectors and organizations.



We provide full event management services for a variety of events for the Academic, Not For Profit and Religious sectors as well as for Small Businesses and Private clients. Events include, but are not limited to: Meetings, Conferences, Concerts, Plays, Banquets, Award Ceremonies and Parties. "Set the date, we'll make it great!".


Year after year organizations are tasked to do more with less investment. We understand the continuous need for measurement and whether through Qualitative or Quantitative methods, we always look to ensure that consumer insights drive all recommendation and strategic consultation with your brand. 


The media landscape is changing and the way consumers navigate is changing along with it. Our ability to uncover where your consumer both lives and plays is rooted in our ongoing social media listening. We are able to create, manage and moderate your digital and social media initiatives rooting all executions in valuable insights.